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Beyond the Scent

About Us

At The Fragrant Notes Co., we've developed a unique line of products that encourages self-care without enduring a scentless existence. We've done this by using creative formulas with skin-loving oils like: avocado, apricot, coconut, olive + grapeseed; as well as rich butters, such as cocoa + shea butter. Each of these oils have their own characteristics that work in tandem together to create our handcrafted products.  We modify the oils in our recipes to yield certain characteristics we desire for the end result. The commercial soap industry will use chemicals to obtain a similar effect. 

Those who have sensitive skin often suffer from skin conditions such as eczema + psoriasis; and those who are hypoallergenic often find quick relief by switching to handcrafted soap.

We are very grateful to those who came up with the natural soap making process so very long ago + we're thankful for the influence our grandmother's had on us. These three women have always held special places in our hearts -their love for their families, their love for God's nature; + for being strong, Godly women! They taught us so much + we have learned an immeasurable amount from these three - from a Biblical standpoint all the way to taking care of our skin! Our sweet grandmothers. Thank you, Mama J, Mama F + Gram! We miss you!

Welcome to The Fragrant Notes Co. - where music + fragrance intersect + help bring special memories back to life.