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Welcome to The Fragrant Notes Co.

Where music + fragrance intersect, helping to bring special memories back to life with our natural, musically inspired plant-based bath + body creations. We hope through the power of fragrance + song, we can help you evoke a special memory, or create a new one - all while your skin + body are reaping the benefits of what nature's finest ingredients has to offer you.

"Great products and great service!"


"I love everything about this soap and this company!! I’ve never had any other soap that consistently smells amazing!!"


"Great Soap. Highly Recommend!"


"These products always leave my skin feeling so soft! We use the soaps daily but the body oil is my favorite this time of year!"


"Purchased a gift pack for best friends’ anniversary. They were thrilled with the soaps, spray and the wonderful scents!"





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Soap Duds


Our soap ‘duds’ are ends that are the off cuts from our molds + a perfect way to sample our signature soaps! 

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Our Inspiration


We exist to explore the intersection of fragrance, natural skincare solutions + music - with the inspiration of our grandmothers.


We’ve created a unique core line of indulgent products using simple, natural ingredients that encourages self-care without your having to sacrifice the scent.


We’ve captured the essence of fragrance + song, and blended them together for a euphonic experience - creating new memories, or helping you bring those special memories back to life.