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Behind the Scent

A&E Signature Soundtrack

It began several decades before we even knew it did - in two yellow laundry baskets - two different years - two different baskets - and of course, two different babies.

Erin's mom recently pulled out the photo of Erin in the round yellow basket to share as a fun memory. Aaron's mom saw the photo and realized her Aaron had quite the similar photo (left photo); although different years, he was almost at the same age!

The start of our business had already been underway and we immediately had the notion to create a scent - a scent with not only our names, but had personal meaning behind it. We took to the drawing board and immediately were filled with emotion as we knew exactly the direction.

Aaron's grandmother used to sing "You Are My Sunshine" to him, as a child; and Erin quite vividly remembers singing "What a Difference You've Made in My Life", with lyrics that go on to say..."You're the sunshine day and night..." as a toddler.

We both began talking about those two songs simultaneously and everything just clicked! We knew exactly where our Signature Scent was headed. The yellow laundry baskets, crisp clean, sunshine - and A&E Signature Soundtrack was born.